HI! I am Borislav, an Eco-traveler enthusiast from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I love to travel, explore new worlds, meet new people and keep clean the nature. I am traveling abroad since 8th grade (2007). I was a volunteer in a human rights organization and they were sending me often to European exchanges for a short amount of time. In the recent years, I’ve been trying to travel as much as possible. I’m an entrepreneur, an accountant (only by documents), a programmer, now I’m trying to find myself in this new challenge for me!

 For me is very important while traveling to not disturb the mother nature! I love to do sports, such as swimming, running, hiking, snowboarding, and bboying. Probably, many of you are wondering, why I started this Eco–blog… 

I can tell you straight, I can’t live with all this unnecessary plastic around me and while traveling some people, making a mess and doesn’t care.The world is opening, so do people! Let’s open ourselves and do a small things every day to reduce the plastic and pollution! Also, the movie of Leonardo di Caprio about Global Warming inspired me to be a more Eco-friendly person and made me think that everybody should think that even his/her small changes in his/her habits, would make a great difference globally! In my website, I am not telling you what to do, I’m just sharing my own opinion and if you like it and want to integrate it into your life, that’s awesome! 

In this blog beside the Eco-tips, I will share my previous travels around Europe, Asia, Australia & Oceania. What mistakes I did, so you could skip that or what I did right, what challenges I did to myself and etc.

Please notice that, I am a non-native English speaker, also I’ve never been in English speaking school, so please accept my grammar mistakes 🙂 and give me feedback.

I would love to know how to improve my skills.