4000km Adventure from Melbourne to Darwin


Hello helloo, eco-travelers

Welcome to one of my greatest adventure in Australia! 

Let’s first check, what do we have here! 

✔️4 000km in the Australian desert

✔️5 guys from 5 different countries

✔️Toyota Hilux for free 

✔️+100$ paid!

 How is that possible? Read the article to learn more

Well, I spent the last 4 months in Melbourne and I got used to live here. It is nice city with good/hot weather. There are nice short trips around. It’s well organized and startup friendly place. You can easily find a job if you have some skills. (I will write an article about it later)

Anyway enough introduction! It’s time for action! So, after 4 months in Melbourne it was about time to go to some adventure! So, we found a relocation company looking for drivers to move their camper van from Melbourne to Darwin, as the season was off in Melbourne and on in Darwin area. 

That’s great way to travel almost for free in Australia and have tent, chairs, stove, kitchenware and everything you need + 100$ for gas (which was just one fill up the tank, but still…)

So, we were, 1 Bulgarian, 1 Polish, 1 Russian, 1 German and 1 Korean girl – 5 nationalities in a car for 8 days! 

Sounds like fun isn’t it?


Here the Russian guy was already off to his return by bike from Alice Springs to Adelaide (2000km)

It was funny how we left him in the middle of nowhere with his bike, which looked like the made it by himself haha

He had 20l of water and rise and gas stove + bottles, so I hope he would be fine.

 Below is the map of our trip. Of course there were a bit of wrong turns, so we turned 4k km for sure :))

1. Preparation and first day trip – Melbourne – Camping before Adelaide


-check gas stations

-have back up of water and oil

check for a signal gun in the car (it should be)

We signed on the car and pack our belongings in the car in which we expected to have more space, but it was full of camping equipment, which was quite useful during our 6 days trip to Darwin! 

Interesting fact is that the car was brand new, just 9 kms on the mileage.

 The feeling was great, especially that we got this car for free 🙂



We got our luggage on the rooftop + the bike is tied up there

Our first night was near to Adelaide in the forest

We had everything in our “small” home on wheels

best way to start the day: in the nature by the sunrise

In Adelaide we pick up the last of the travel buddies and do our shopping for the next 5 days in the desert!

We had some kind of tradtion to have our lunch and dinner in “hotspots” as this one bellow.

After nice and quick lunch we headed to Coober Peddy, where we are going to visit an orthodox underground church and opal minings and a very cool underground house! Follow up to learn more!

Tip for driving in Australia! 

Except they are driving on the left side on the road. On the highways it’s very not recommended to drive in the night because of very active wild life and you would kill many animals + you could crash.

Another tip here is to be careful of the Road trains – which are trucks with 2-3 and more trailers – around 50m long, so be very careful when overtake them. They drive quite fast too and can easily smash your so called big car 😀

So, after the next sunrise catch it’s time to go to Coober Peddy!

Here we arrive at the Serbian Orthodox , which is underground


Some info about the church

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