How to travel cheap and have fun around the world? Bonus at the end!



In the next few minutes of your time I am going to engage you with useful tips how to travel smarter and on a budget! 

My tips won’t be radical budget ideas, to sleep on benches or eat leftovers! I am going to let you know how to travel smart and  cheap and in the same time have even more fun than travel expensive in an organized groups!

Do you really want to travel around the world?

Is that your dream?

Do you think you need lots of money to do it?

To these and many more questions I am going to answer in the next lines.

Also, if there are questions that I don’t cover here, please don’t hesitate to contact and ask me or leave comment bellow 🙂

So let’s start with what are your expenses while you travel! I am going to share what I am doing to save money.

1.Plane tickets

2.Sleep arrangements – Hotel

3.Food & Drinks

4.Travel slow

5.Travel light!

5.Do research

6.Bonus – extra tips

Well, plane tickets might be very expensive. Some say “get them as early as possible to be cheaper”, well that’s not entirely true, although most of the time I buy them 2/3 months earlier if that’s outside of Europe. Your best friend is off season!  In that time plane tickets are very cheap.  Research about your planned destination when is off season or close to the end of it and get your ticket on a good price!

Skyscanner is very useful, I’ve been using it for the past travels. Also Lastminute is good for last minute offers. Try also Kayak




2. Sleep arrangement

Lately has been very popular to use Airbnb instead of hotels, but in my opinion is almost the same price. So, how could you save money?!

Well, what I’m doing is using Couchsurfing – it’s free and fun as you can go out with your host and he/she can show you around. You can save money while you travel. Tip: Read comments and reviews, especially if you are solo girl. Also, there are alternatives for travelers, who are afraid to stay at somebody’s home. Again here your best friend is off season. I’ve slept in Thailand in 4 star hotel for about 15-20$, rest of the time for around 10$/day.

Another great option is TrustedHouseSitters. Here you are taking care for a flat/house while the owners are away. Most of the things you should do is feeding animals or keeping the place safe while you are enjoying your free stay in a house or flat! It sounds great isn’t it?

Couchsurfing Hangouts is a great feature as well, just to meet travelers to hang out around the city or have lunch to.

3. Food and drinks

Here my best advise is eat and drink where locals go! I’ve had so nice experience! In Asia there are nice places where you can eat for 3/4$ as good as for 20 in an expensive restaurants! So, do a little research and go to eat there 🙂


4.Travel slow

 Well, here is not direct money saver, but traveling slow would get you connected with the locals more and feel the soul of the place, as the cities are not only cathedrals and monuments! While doing that you can try workaway or helpx to make your stay free, even earn money.

Man with compass in hand on mountains road. Travel concept. Landscape photography

5.Travel light

I personally travel with a 30l backpack and another foldable one which is 10l. If you are going to a hot country you literally need close to nothing! Don’t over pack, take the things you really need. You don’t need 10 t-shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, physical books (kindle or books on your phone)and etc. In this way it is easier for you to travel, don’t risk to loose your suitcase/big backpack and + you don’t pay for your luggage, which if you travel a lot it is something! I’ve been traveling nearly an year only with my 30l backpack and I could do more! Only if you go to a country where is winter, the things get a bit different.

Hiker with backpack looking at mountains, alpine view

6.Do research

Always a good research would save you money! As you did now, you found my blog and reading my article how to save money and have fun?! Doing research before visitng a places, would safe you money for example for museums, they often have a free pass once a week , or just you can catch up a festival that you would like!

happy baby girl getting ready for the journey. Girl packs her bags and playing with binoculars.


Well, not everywhere, but mostly in Australia and United States there is a great option to travel by car for free, even with a small fuel cover while you travel! 

How is that possible?

Well of course it is… it is called relocation cars. In Austalia I did that a few times. Mostly that was the way I’ve traveled all Australia! Simply explained is that rental camping companies need their cars in other states of the country, so they need someone… YOU to do that for them. I used imoova ! It was great and safe!

Even they give you all  the equipment you need to campsite…chairs, table,fridge, table and etc. In addition you can get travel buddies easily in Facebook groups and share the fuel with them! In this way I’ve traveled for a very little whole Australia! 

 That were my tips how to travel smarter, cheaper and have fun! If you like it, please comment and let me know what is your opinion! I would greatly appreciate every feedback! 

Thanks and see you soon! 🙂


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