Motorbike trip in North Vietnam

Hello to my next adventure in North Vietnam! 

The Adventure has started from Hanoi to Ha Giang by sleeping bus 8 hours. This bus was amazing, I could travel back to Europe like that :))


I could sleep almost all the time, it was very comfy. Only the traffic(the horns) around was disturbing a bit.Once I got in the bus station in Ha Giang I felt like in the middle of nowhere, it was a bit wild.. but very fast I found my rent motorbike. There are many places. Mostly at very hotel they had. After that I went straight to the very north, where I had reserved an Airbnb! In very authentic Vietnamese village..may be the only one (airbnb) around :)))) At the time it was very cold, may be around 6-7 degrees, which after loong long summer around  30 degrees is very cold. I didn’t have that much winter clothes, but I wore everything what I had. That’s one of the most beautiful motorbike loop trip called : The Ha Giang Extreme North Loop – 350km. You need a couple of days to do it, as there is lots of nice spot to take a photos and you cant drive fast around this all the time turns. I could do only a small part of it as I had only 2 days, but it was more than worthy.


After a couple of hours riding I stopped to warm myself at a nice spot, something like a village house with a benches outside  and under the roof they made a grill. There were locals and some other tourists who were drinking tea and eating  whole eggs and potatoes on glow fire (my first time eating that kind of eggs). They were delicious! After another a few hours of riding I arrived at at the house.

That’s the house and my host with his family (6/7 members). The house was nice and warm. Really great experience. They welcome me with tea and corn vodka :)))

After a short relax I decided to go to the Chinese border by bike, it was really close. Of course getting to there, I had some adventures during the road. 

Getting to know locals is the most important thing when you travel 😉


Well here we go that’s the Chinese border

Fortunately, I could come back in a day light, as it wasn’t recommend it to drive on these roads in the night. 

They made more than amazing dinner. Below you can see it. Local village food is always the best and of course the homemade vodka on the right!

After a long day, delicious food and couple of shots of corn vodka I was  more than ready to sleep…but there was party/dances in the hall of the village. My first thought was that there will be some traditional music and dances, but what I’ve found when I went there… watch the short video hah

Well, I found them first sharing bottles of vodka and listening hard techno and I had no other choice, but to join them 🙂 That was one of my craziest days in Vietnam! I still can’t believe that in a small village in North Vietnam the people there listen Hard Techno! Let’s dance like no one is watching 😀

Here are also some photos of the party.

That was so incredible 2 days in North Vietnam! Thank you!


Now,It’s time to pack my things and come back to Hanoi with another couple of hours riding the motorbike,8h of bus and then a plane to Ho Chi Min, where is humid, hot and crazy, crazy traffic...

Tips for there: Don’t get a random motorbike taxi, they will rip you off and it’s dangerous. Don’t hesitate when you cross the street, be slow and confident. They go on Green, They go on Yellow, also they go on Red, so be careful 🙂

That was the Asia last stop…next stop Sydney, Australia

Stay tuned!

That’s part of the Motorbike Loop Trip

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