Spanish Adventure part 2
Gibraltar, beaches, Sevilla, Granada and hiking to Mulhacén

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my Spanish adventure! Here, I am going to continue with:

1.Gibraltar – what to do

2.Best view to see Africa

3.Tarifa and the beaches around

4.Sevilla – what to see and how to not miss what you want to sightsee

5.Granada – Tapas and Tips how to get a ticket to Alhambra and best non-touristic place for a sunset over the city

6.Hiking to Mulhacén– the highest peak in Spain, how to get there and what to expect about the hike

Ok, let’s start from where we finished in part 1.


Crossing the border is very easy. You can cross it with ID or Passport for seconds. After crossing the airport/border you are in the city/country. You can take a bus – around 2 euro ticket or walk 15 min to the center. 


In my opinion the best way to climb the Gibraltar rock is through Mediterranean steps and on the way to there you can see all the city. The Botanical garden is exactly on the way and is worth a visit, if you have enough time.


There is a few ways to explore Gibraltar rock: by cable car ~ 20 euro, taxi ~ 10 euro per person or walk. I would recommend to walk – 6 euro as you might enjoy it fully. By taxi I am not sure if you can get to all places on the rock. By taking the walking ticket, you are going to need to be in a good shape, because is a good uphill, but with a nice views all the time, so you will definitely enjoy it.

The walking ticket gives you access to the Nature Reserve’s walking trails. So, if you’re just planning to do some walking and enjoy the views, this is the ticket you should get. With this ticket, you’ll be able to see – O’Hara battery – on the peak of the Mediterranean steps, The Skywalk, Windsor Suspension Bridge, Mediterranean Steps and Apes Den.


Here are the amazing views you would see if you climb the Meditterranean steps


Take enough water with you. The best a filtered bottle 😉


The steps are quite easy to follow and hard to get lost. On the top is O’Hara’s battery and a stunning view to the whole rock and country + in a clear day you can see Africa.

From here you just walk 10/15 minutes to another amazing view points and a must visit is the Sky Walk + you can see monkeys. Tip: Don’t eat anything near them and don’t open your backpacks! They will steal your snack and maybe  your backpack. I saw by myself a monkey attack and it wasn’t so funny, so take care 😉

Well, there are caves and a castle worth a visit, but the walking ticket does not include it.  I was more than happy with my walking around the rock, so it is up to you 🙂


The next stop is El Mirador del Estrecho – from here is the best view to Africa from Europe

With better camera and better weather it would be way nicer shot, but it was amazing to be at this spot anyway 🙂

After this viewpoint my next stop was  Cadiz/ Sevilla ,  but I stopped on the way to a few nice beaches and once slept in my car, as I was too much improvising at some point 🙂

So, let me introduce you my top beaches in southwest Andalusia

That’s Playa de Tarifa – the main beach. I was tired after 5 hours walking/hiking on Gibraltar rock, so that was the closest and nicest beach for me. I found it very cool and relaxing. The sand was really soft and the water clear. 

This one of the best places for kitesurfing, if you are a interested! Also there are nice bars and a youth community where you could have a nice party!



The next one is Playa de Fontanilla in Conil.

The beach is one of the popular ones, but there is unguarded part which is less crowded.

This is on the sunrise, that’s why is so empty, but very beautiful.

This is the less crowded and unguarded part. It is on the right side of the main side. It’s very nice to take walk to there.

 Tip: So, if you are traveling by car. There are ways to safe money. Use Blabla car app and get with you some travelers and try to  – find these petrol stations – Reposta, I may say is the cheapest way to refill your car with petrol or diesel. 10-15 cents at least cheaper than regular. It is a self-service petrol station and you can pay by cash or card.



A short visit in Sevilla? What too see and how to not miss the places you wanted to see  ? : ) 


Well, there are many things to see in Sevilla, but I will point out my top spots for my two day trip in Sevilla.

Tip: If you are going by car, you will have a problem to find a parking spot. There will be gypsis who will find you spot (e.g wave on the street), or if you find a spot by yourself they will still help you and ask for money, don’t be afraid. I advise you to give them 1euro. It’s possible to scratch your car if you don’t 😉

Also, in  the center is paid. What I do is, parking out of the paid zone and then walk(I like to walk) or catch a bus/ rent a bicycle.

Let’s start with Plaza de Espana. One of my favourite places in Sevilla. This monument was built for the Ibero – American Exposition in 1929 and stands within the Maria Luisa Park, which park is very nice! Tip: Around the park is a free parking and very close to the center.


I‘ve heard that Cathedral of Sevilla is worth a visit. Tipmake sure you buy your tickets at least a week earlier as I’ve been advised to go there , but I couldn’t buy ticket, as it was too late. Giralda is the same story



The next must see place is Real Alcazar for here is also worth to go and also you need yo buy a ticket way earlier. Also, there is a free entrance on Monday, but you need a ticket also. Tip: Reserve it online for 1 euro a few days earlier if possible 


Tore D’oro in the past has been used for a watch tower. Now days is a museum of the marine fleet and on the top is a nice view to the city and to the river Guadalquivir.
Tip: Here is the meeting point of the Free Walking Tour. I recommend you checking it out. It’s worth to get to know more about the history of the city and it’s for free(you give tip at the end).

Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square. Under the stairs is the entrance to the top where you can see the city and the sunset. The entrance was 3-5 euro and you get a free gift and a discounted drink. 

This park is very nice for afternoon siesta or drinking in the evening. The name is Cesped Recreativo.


Last but not least from Sevilla, try the amazing and cheap paella at La Paella. It has been recommended to me by a local as a good homemade paella and for real it was very tasty! 

My last city in Spain, but my favorite is Granada. The city of Tapas and surrounded by mountains should be my favorite one! 🙂
Here, Alhambra is the most wanted. Tips: You should reserve your tickets at least 1 month earlier, even may be 2. If you don’t have ticket there are two tricks! First one is to click on their website online tickets exactly on midnight and pray to be in the first 100 and the second is to wake up at 3 or 4am and go to wait on the queue to buy a ticket for the same day. Still, if you don’t want to do any of that, there is a free part, which is still worth to see.

Next is Albayzín. It’s a nice Arab quarter. It is part of Granada’s UNESCO site.


That’s the non-touristic place where you can see the sunset and whole Granada + there are the caves where are living the locals. Give me a comment or message if you want to know more details about the place 🙂


That’s Albazyn on sunset


Well, that was one of the best Couchsurfing Hangouts! We just met with 1 girl and then the group grew to 6 We were quite an international gang – Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Peru And Israel.

That’s what you get when you order a beer in Granada! In that day I didn’t order any food. Only beer was enough 🙂


At some places like La Riviera, you can choose your own tapa. Even there was a menu of at least 20 kinds, which is amazing!





Well I saved the best for the end – Hiking to Mulhacén. The highest peak in Sierra Nevada and Spain. To get there you need to go to Capileira and then they will drive you to some higher point as it is forbidden for regular cars and after that it is a 6 hours hiking two ways. Tip: reserve your bus in advance, especially for the weekends. Prepare for cold and windy weather as well. The peak is 3 479m.

The hike is quite straightforward. It’s hard to get lost. The path is rocky and not that easy for beginners.


In a clear day you might be able to see a beautiful views. I had a nice morning weather and cloudy afternoon, but at least wasn’t raining. Before going to there, check very good the weather and wear warm clothes.


Here I am on the peak even a bit over 🙂 Unfortunately it was already very foggy and cloudy, so I couldn’t enjoy the best views, but still it was very nice feeling to conquer the highest peak in Spain and in my life at that moment.


Thank you reading my post about Spain part 2. Please, if you have any comments or questions leave them below or text me in Instagram or Facebook

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