Why Eco-traveling?
How did I change my mind?

Hello and thank you that you decided to read my post!

So, I’d like to begin with, how I wasn’t an Eco-Traveler, but I decided to challenge myself and travel different.

Who was I? I was a traveler, who was buying mineral water in plastic bottles all the time. Didn’t care about the electricity that much. Driving car every day, couldn’t live without it (at home), I was just visiting the city centers of the cities, the most popular and crowded places. Writing in Google: ‘Must see’ in some city, which of course shows you the most obvious and popular places. I didn’t interact with the locals almost at all. Recently I felt that I want to explore different world. I wanted to see where the locals are gathering, what they are eating, drinking and etc. I wanted to explore secret spots, which they could tell me about or make effort and make deeper search in Google, read blogs, which I could find them by myself.

You might think that your plastic bottle today or not using your car just one day, won’t make a difference in the world, but it will!

So, what’s Eco-Traveling for me?

We depend on nature, nature doesn’t depend on us! Try with small steps every day, to keep it. You will see how the small steps matters. So, don’t throw your garbage around you, recycle whenever is possible, leave the place cleaner then you found it. Billions of people travel every year, so tons of C02 goes into the air, which we breathe, so sustainable travel become more and more important now days!

I will point out 10 points what’s for me the most important:

  1. Eco-travel starts at your home. Recycle, use less plastic. Use more your bicycle or public transport, rather than your car. Use electric efficient bulbs, cut off the electrical things you don’t need at the moment and take short showers. Share your ride.
  2. Pack yourself light. I could manage to pack my stuff in 30l backpack.
  3. Choose a direct flight or travel by train. As I mentioned before, many people travel all the time, so tons of CO2 goes into the atmosphere. Direct flight or train would help globally! Of course direct flights are not always cheap, so instead try to be Eco in different way 🙂 Every step is important, even the smallest one.
  4. Use public transport. Use whenever is possible public transport. Walk, use bicycle to enjoy the city. Try to share taxi/car with more people when is needed.
  5. Your hotel = your home! Don’t change your sheets and towels every day. Take short showers, turn off the lights and the other electrical stuff, when you don’t use them. Ask your hotel, if they recycle. You don’t pay the bills there, but the atmosphere will appreciate it.
  6. Support the local industry not the imported. Consume local beer, so you would reduce the beer mileage of the imported beer. Eat local food, buy local stuff. Try to avoid red meat. There is agriculture emissions.  It is about 13 percent of total global emissions. That makes the agricultural sector the world’s second-largest emitter, after the energy sector (which includes emissions from power generation and transport).
    In general eating local food would help decreasing CO2, which the transport of the import is increasing all year long.
  7. Decrease buying mineral water in plastic bottles. Buy reusable bottle, if you need buy a filtered bottle and use it around the world. This would save you money and would save the world plastic bottles. Its worth, isn’t it?
  8. Don’t go off the track, keep the nature as it is. Use only the marked tracks. This would help you to not lose yourself and also to keep the nature.
  9. Forget useless souvenirs and don’t buy paper postcards. It’s nonsense to buy souvenirs that you will never use, get dusty and throw them at some point. Buy something that you will really need (as a beer opener:) ). Replace paper postcards with digital ones.
  10. And last, but not least, be respectful to the locals and to the local animals.

How to be more adventurous?

 It’s amazing to be impulsive and to challenge yourself once in a while (I could say even more often). Forget the old way of travel with a tour guide, reserve a hotel and go around the city with a group of 20 and visit the most crowded and popular places.

Below I will mention some points of view, which you might consider doing 🙂

  1. Challenge yourself and buy an impulsive cheap ticket to go somewhere. The best to a place that you’ve never been. Try to get the most out of it. It could be on the budget, that would be an extra challenge and you will learn how to travel not only Eco, but smart! I will make a separate post for an smart budget travel 😉
  2. Find a host in Couchsurfing You will have a chance to sleep and hang out with locals for free! I’ve had so great experiences, not once I’ve been to a great party using Couchsurfing or just talk with nice people. If you don’t like this kind of accommodation, find yourself an Airbnb and just go to Couchsurfing meeting! Other thing to try is house siting such as Trustedhousesitters or Housecarers .You will have a whole houses for you and for free!
  3. Learn the basics of the language before departure! Of course, that won’t be enough to get along with the locals in their native language, but it would be funny way to talk with them!
  4. Say YES! When you are on adventure abroad,and you are invited to some kind of adventure such as party, event, hiking, or whatever. Don’t think it so much and say YES. Get out of your comfort zone and you will see how amazed you would be! You don’t know when you will meet great people, you could share stories and experiences with!
  5. Try Volunteering such as: Workaway or Helpx . I’ve still never done it, but it’s on my TODO list.
  6. Be spontaneous! There is lots to do, especially in big cities. Find a buddy if you are alone and go around the city, somebody, somewhere will invite you to an event, party, comedy show or just start to talk with strangers. My advice here is to search/make an event in Couchsurfing or Meetup and meet with other travelers or locals. I’ve tried it and its cool!
  7. Make the first step. Just making the first step into the adventure, without thinking…”oo I don’t know anybody there”, “I don’t have enough money to do that/to be there” There is always a way to get out from a situation and to have fun in the same time! So, just make the first step into some adventure and you will see how nicely you will change yourself and you will want more and more adventures! 🙂

I am very thankful for reading my very FIRST post. I hope you enjoyed it, learn something and get inspired at least a little. Let me know how it was! I would love some comments and feedback! Travel more, be responsible to the nature and be spontaneous.

See ya on my next posts! 🙂


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